Case Studies

Ormiston Senior College

Flat Bush, Auckland

Ormiston Senior College was opened in February 2011 after being designed as New Zealand's first 5 Star Green Rated school. Working with Fletcher Construction as main contractors, Paton Roofing Services installed the metal roofing and cladding.  This modern college had over 100 roof penetrations, including a new European designed "Mono draught ventilation unit" that eliminated the need for the less green air conditioning systems.  87 of these units needed to be installed to the roof and were relatively new to the New Zealand market.

Our Solution:

Phil and Olsen from Paton Roofing designed and produced a prototype installation for these units.  Due to the size of these units a new flash penetration was required which included a concealed system to deal with condensation.  With product input from Dimond and design approval from Jasmax these units have been successfully installed using the our flashing design.


Ormiston School (1)Case studySmall Ormiston School (2)Small


Fixings: Over 30,000
Square Meters: 6,000
Penetrations: 105

Product Used: Dimond BB900


Progressive Distribution Centre
Favona Rd, Mangere

Progressive Industries contracted Paton Roofing to re-roof their Distribution Centre without disruption to their day to day business.  This is a large roof area which posed several strategic issues with limited access to one end of the building only for loading and unloading and each gable was approx 300m long.  A crane was required to load materials to the roof with limited reach and economically it was most cost effective if the crane was only used once.  

We were left with the questions of how to get the new roofing iron from one end of the building to the other efficiently, without damaging the existing roof and without de-stabalizing the building structure with too much weight?

Our Solution:

Phil designed a roller system that could be attached to the existing roof and moved along easily.  The roofing iron was bundled and lifted to the roof where Paton Roofing then used the system to move each bundle along the roof.  Each bundle was placed strategically along the roof to ensure there was no stress loading on the structure.  As each area was completed the old roofing iron was then bundled and moved across in using the roller system and removed by Hiab.

Working along side Progressive's OSH requirements, their staff were able to continue working.  Each area to be re-roofed was strategically planned and Paton Roofing would cordon off a safety area below in the Distribution Centre. 
Favona Reroof Before 2 Small Favona Rd After Small


Fixings: Over 60,000 
Square Meters: 15,500
Product: Dimond DP955 ZRX