Paton Roofing Services are "Commercial Roofing Specialists". Our services include all types of commercial, industrial and construction projects for Property Owners, Main Contractors, Builders, Architects and Consultants.

We offer an extensive range of high quality roofing options to suit our client’s requirements, from re-roofing existing buildings to new construction.

Quality of work is always a major consideration when completing all projects. All of our work is followed up with our Workmanship Guarantee and where applicable, a Manufacturers Material Warranty.


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We can supply and install a huge range of long run metal profiles for both roofing and cladding.

There is a vast range of profiles to choose from that will give the technical specifications required and the robustness needed for commercial / industrial applications.

Many cladding profiles are specifically designed to give wide, economical cover and most products can be laid vertically or horizontally to walls.


We have the benefit of years of experience in the roofing industry and we also have the support of product specialists and technical experts that can help with choosing the right product if required.

What we need to consider:

  • Roofing span capacity
  • What "Look" is trying to be achieved
  • Economical constraints
  • Environment considerations
  • Design & technical issues such as wind uplift and point loading Roof pitch

Paton Roofing proudly use products manufactured by COLORSTEEL® They have a proven history, being used in New Zealand for years and have been manufactured with hard wearing, baked-on paint finish. These are designed to give a long-term, low maintenance performance.

Our suppliers stock a full range of COLORSTEEL® products.


New Zealand manufacturers have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure their products are tested and proven to withstand the special environment in New Zealand such as coastal or geothermal areas.

Some products also need to be specific to commercial or agricultural areas that have a high build up of pollutants, fumes or industrial emissions.


Elizabeth Knox Re-roof


Eventually every roof will need to be replaced due to old age or other variables that may affect the lifespan of a roof.

Paton Roofing Services can provide advice on all aspects of re-roofing. A new roof will add value, improve the look and provide long term protection to a valuable asset.

Why would a roof fail?

  • Old Age
  • Wrong product used for the environment
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Structural issues / Damage
  • Poor Design
Factory Unit - Before Re-roof
Factory Unit - After Re-roof


Careful planning and consideration when re-roofing can save a lot of time and money with ongoing problems with a failing roof.

Questions to ask when re-roofing:

  • Are there existing problems that can be remedied while re-roofing?
  • Does the roof structure need repairs or replacing?
  • What materials are suitable for the environment?
  • Do you need to replace spouting, guttering and other rainwater goods?
  • How will we re-roof a building while it is still in use?
  • What Health & Safety issues are there to consider?
Progressive Distribution Centre Favona Road
Before re-roof
Progressive Distribution Centre Favona Road
After re-roof


Taking a long term view in regard to the cost of re-roofing will save money in the long term.

Avoid the temptation of using cheap products or cutting corners on design as this will only give a short term solution.

Regular maintenance will increase the durability of the products used. Have a maintenance plan which includes inspecting and cleaning of the products used to give the roof as much of a lifespan as possible.

Henderson Valley Road Re-Roof old Fibrolite roof



Rainwater disposal systems are designed to catch and channel water that runs off a roof. Various products in PVC and metal are widely available to suit the roofing material used. Generally a larger box gutter would be recommended for commercial, industrial use.

The design required will be dependent on numerous factors including:

  • Rain fall intensity
  • Roof cladding profile capacity
  • Catchment area
  • Roof pitch
  • Sump design
  • Penetrations that may obstruct water flow
  • Overflows


A range of standard rainwater heads are readily available or can be designed and manufactured to suit the style of a building and particular catchment requirements.

Rainwater heads are placed on the outside to the building to ensure the gutter will not overflow. Both rainwater heads and sumps can reduce flow issues.

These can be manufactured in a variety of materials.



Roofing Membranes are for use on roofs, decks and balconies where an impervious waterproof membrane is required to prevent damage to building elements and adjoining areas.

Paton Roofing Services are authorised installers of Ardex products. We are able to supply a range of products that are application specific, used for waterproofing roofs and commercial butynol gutters.

  • 1.0mm thickness product is designed for use on roofs and gutters for light traffic areas.
  • 1.5mm is for walk out decks and high maintenance areas.
  • 2.25mm is a heavy duty product that is custom made on request.
Membrane Two Layer Torch On to flat roof area
Membrane roofing



Skylight installation to commercial buildings is a simple way to use the natural power of the sun and reduce lighting requirements.

Skylights are manufactured to be strong and durable. There is a huge range of profiles to match roofing materials and also in various tints.

The range of products available give options that also reduce the amount of heat emitted into the building.

Renewing skylights will bring life and light back to older buildings.

Each product has varying life spans and warranties.


  • Years of experience in the Commercial / Industrial roofing industry
  • Sound advice on products available
  • Technical and practical advice
  • Competitive pricing
  • Job Specific Methodology
  • Job Specific Re-Roof plan
  • Health & Safety peace of mind
  • 5 year Workmanship Warranty